Murder, mystery

As you can see by the number of series below, it’s one of my favourite categories. Because of the suspense, the plots often smarts, the dialog often good, strong and complex characters. I have a preference for comedy, but dark series can be good too.

I recommend

My top four !

  • Brooklyn 99 / comedy / Netflix / The wacky life of a police station. Endearing characters, and a series smarter than it may seem…
  • Carnival row / fantastic, dark / Amazon / A top notch series, close to perfection : an inspector investigates the murder of a fairy, a despised creature.
  • Only murders in the building / comedy / Disney+ / Three neighbours who have nothing in common join forces to solve murders. Brillant !
  • Sherlock / Netflix / The famous detective, transposed in our time. Smart, and a excellent casting.

These are also good !

  • Bodies / Netflix / London. 1890, 1941, 2023, 2053. Four police detectives find a body in an alley. Naked, shot through the right eye. Same alley, same body…
  • Bodkin / Netflix / In a picturesque village in Ireland, foreign journalists will reaveal well-seated secrets, and unleash chaos
  • Castle / Romance / Disney+ / Richard Castle is a famous mystery novelist. In search for a new source of inspiration, he becomes a consultant to the NYPD.
  • Clickbait / Netflix / The video of the abduction of a alleged rapist goes viral. At 5 M views, he dies. But who was really that man ?
  • Deadloch / Amazon / Dulcie Collins lives an ordinary life in a small town of Tasmania. That is, until a nake dead body appears on the shore of the lake.
  • Dr Harrow / Disney+ / A grumpy pathologist in Brisbane solves murders with non-conventional and controversial methods
  • HPI / Comedy / Disney+ / A mother with an exceptionnal IQ helps the police, with her very own style !
  • The Indian detective / Comedy / Netflix / A constable in the Canadian Police flies to India, his family’s country, and becomes a true detective there
  • Miss Fisher / Netflix / Sydney, the late 1920’s. A bold and glamorous young woman decides to become a private detective.
  • Shardlake / Disney+ / Lord Cromwell sends a disabled man to lead a double investigation in a rich catholic monastery
  • Secret city / Netflix / In Melbourne, a journalist investigates a murder with an impact on international relations
  • The intern / comedy, France / A 50 years old woman, ex mayor, ex convict, begins a second career as an apprentice judge!
  • The rookie / Netflix / A 50 year old man, divorced, begins a second career as a policeman in LAPD
  • Wanted / Netflix / Two women waiting for a bus witness a murder and become hunted down for a crime they didn’t commit
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