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A lake in Tasmania

Dulcie Collins lives an ordinary life in a small town of Tasmania. She used to be a detective in Sydney, but switched for a quieter life at the request of her wife. Now, as local police officer, she seldom deals with more than fighting drunk men or speeding tickets. That is, until a nake dead body appears on the shore of the lake. What’s more, it has the bad taste to pop up on the eve of the launch of the local festival, a celebration of feminism in all its forms. The mayor is very annoyed by this unfortunate incident. To make matters worse, the Darwin police send an inspector, but she turns out to be in a hurry to get home rather than interested in the case. All this could have been kept under control, but the casualties, all men from the town, quickly piles up. Even if it doesn’t help anyone, a serial killer is at work.

I usually take my time watching series, but I couldn’t help bingewatching Deadloch. The plot is well-constructed, taking a new turn with each episode. Every time we think we’ve figured something out, or even unmasked the killer, the writers send us off in a completely different direction. It’s funny, fast-paced and never dull. Besides, trio are rather rare in the series, although well exploited in some very good ones (Only murders in the building, Bodkin…). A women trio is extremely rare ! And it’s the dynamic of the trio that I enjoyed the must. The shy Abby will assert herself and take control of her life. Both detectives, Dulcie and Eddie, will have crossed psychological trajectories. While a confident and efficient Dulcie gradually loses its footing, a discarded tramp Eddie will rediscover what made her a good detective in the first place.

I didn’t expect Deadloch to be such a good series, but I loved being surprised.

1 season, 8 episodes (50 mn), 2023, on Amazon Prime

With : Kate Box / Dulcie Collins, Madeleine Sami / Eddie Redcliffe, Alicia Gardiner / Cath York, Nina Oyama / Abby Matsuda, Hollie Austin / Skye O’Dwyer, Tom Ballard / Sven Alderman, Astrid Wells Cooper / Claire Connelly

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