Below is a classification of the shows. Another page of this blog is specially dedicated to “professions” : lawyers, police, FBI, spies, doctors, criminals, magicians…

  • ACTION – Adrenaline is the first criteria for these series
  • ADVENTURES – The series takes us on a journey
  • AGES OF LIFE – Series for teens, young, midlife and seniors
  • ANIMATED – From the Simpsons to Star wars
  • COMEDY – Mood boosters, usually smart, precise with good dialogue
  • COMPETITIONS – Reality shows about cuisine, art, treasure hunt…
  • DOCUMENTARY – If you want to learn something without being bored
  • DRAMA – Like a good novel, series about life
  • FAMILY SERIES – Series you can watch togerther and discuss
  • FANTASTIC, HEROIC FANTASY – Fantastic creatures and heroes in imaginary worlds
  • HEISTS – Skilled thieves are quite fascinating
  • HISTORY – From the antiquity until the 1980’s
  • MURDER, MYSTERY – Dark or funny, suspense series
  • MONEY – Struggling or rich, money defines people
  • SCIENCE FICTION – Great series to escape far far away !
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