Science Fiction

As a reader or watching series, Science Fiction is one of my favorite categories. It allows to explore new words, alternative realities, new species, new ways of lives… Endless possibilities ! The limited number of series below reflects my high standards. Those are excellent series, milestones series.

  • STARGATE SG-1 / Amazon / The airforce opens a gate to distant worlds, and at the same time expose our planet to the threat of the Goa’ulds, ancient deities such as RĂ¢. An unlikely team, composed of an archeologist, a physcist, a miltary and a fighter born on a foreign planet, will explore these worlds. They will fight the Goa’ulds, and build a network of allies.
  • THE EXPANSE / Amazon / The solar system is divided between (a dominant) Earth, Mars, and “belters”, the working poor operating satellites. Tensions are permanent, but the destruction of a ship takes the pressure up a notch. Four people, witnesses of the catastrophe, will discover a terrifying enemy, then open up unsuspected horizons. A brillant space opera, and an intelligent reflection on what makes us human.
  • UPLOAD / Amazon / In a close future, an incredible love story between two soulmates, one in real life, the other in virtual reality. Funny, smart, with endearing characters, and a truly original scenario.
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