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What is it about ? Soon, we will be able to make a copy of our life, our memories, our souls. When we die, this backup is uploaded into a virtual world where we can continue to live a “normal” life, at least as long as we can pay for the service. Because, of course, this service is only available to the very wealthy! There are two small issues, though… First, the reverse operation, downloading the copy into a clone body, is not yet operational. Second problem, a guy, named Nathan Brown, a genius coder, made a version that could be free ! Too bad he just died and his upload lost all memories. But in the VR, is not everything possible again ?

Why I completely fell for this little gem of a series. At last, a truly original scenario that’s completely new ! And Creative, smart and funny. The series tackles several beautiful themes: what defines a living being, what defines a couple, can friendship survive ambition? But it is the opposite of boring. The casting is brilliant, the characters are full of energy and repartee. The main couple is surrounded by a cast of delightful characters. Special mention to Zainab Johnson, Keving Bigley and Andrea Rosen, but they are all impeccable ! Upload was a wonderful surprise, I highly recommend it !

3 seasons, 2020- ongoing (2023), 25 episodes (35 mn), Prime Video


bravo to the casting !
  • Robbie Amell / Nathan Brown
  • Andy Allo / Nora Anthony
  • Allegra Edwards / Ingrid Kannerman
  • Zainab Johnson / Aleesha
  • Kevin Bigley / Luke
  • And : William B. Davis, Andrea Rosen, Owen Daniels, Hiro Kanagawa, Jessica Tuck, Mackenzie Cardwell
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