Why do series matter to us ?

Culture, in all its forms, is important for quality of life. You may like reading, listening to music, going to museum, watching series or whatever. It’s all about learning, entertaining, escaping everyday life, opening new horizons, feeling strong emotions, developping new ways of thinking… As cultural objects, series have the advantage of being accessible to as many people as possible. To me, this makes them far more noble than any art form limited to those who have received an education or paid a ticket. Not everyone of course, can afford the access to one or several platforms. But some TV channels are still free. A wide range of quality content is available.

escape from everyday's life : woman cleaning a window to see the sky

Escape from everyday’s life

I don’t know about you, but I devote a lot of time and energy to my job. Because I’m lucky enough to have one. And when I have free time, sometimes I can devote it to cool stuff, but sometimes I don’t have the opportunity or the inclination. It’s normal to feel down in the dumps sometimes or to have your energy gauge at zero. Watching a series is effortless, and it doesn’t hurt anyone. It can even boost morale, adrenalin and a positive attitude.

You may need to laugh and relax. You may need to see action, or horrific situations, without putting yourself in danger. We can see characters confronting our problems, or on the contrary living a life that is completely foreign to us. We can travel to times and regions we’ll never know. We can even explore worlds that don’t exist. Escape isn’t just about dealing with day-to-day reality, it’s about opening up your horizons and perhaps creating the conditions for a new project.

virtual friends - caméra café

A date with virtual friends

Every day, I have an appointment with the series I’m watching. It’s a privileged moment, even if I’m looking at my smartphone in a crowded, noisy subway. But it’s better when I can settle down on my sofa with a cup of coffee. From the very first images, these characters I’ve come to know are there. At first, I hesitated to pick this series. I was too lazy to relearn the codes, the context… In short, to invest myself in a new relationship, however minimalist. But now I’m reassured and happy to see these characters again. They can only give me what I need, without ever betraying me.

And when the series ends? It’s like a little mourning. You have to say goodbye sooner than you’d like. You know you’ll never see these characters again (even if, occasionally, the actors can be found in other stories). A few memories and a small page of real life, accompanied by the series, is turned. You need to take a short break, breathe in the fresh air, before you feel like plunging into a new story.

a discussion between friends

Be part of a group that shares common tastes and culture.

I love to watch series with my family, we keep fond memories of them. I also like to watch them solo, quietly and comfortably. But in any case, I love to refer to my favorite series in conversations with buddies, colleagues, or even sometimes while waiting in line at a store. And that means we recognize, identify ourselves as part of the same group, sharing at least a common taste.

Even a introvert like me need to feel part of a group, linking its member with its codes, its shared references. Series do that. A host of other things do this (religion, commitments, any center of interest and action), and create stronger, more solid bonds. Talking about series doesn’t commit you to anything, nor does it create any obligation. It’s just a pleasant way of sharing a tiny slice of life.

I’d love it if magic really existed. But if there’s anything magical in life, it’s sharing a fleeting moment where we recognize each other as humans, as people. If talking about a series contributes to that, so much the better!

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