Secret city / Under the eagle

“One eye for one eye, and the world goes blind”

Secret city
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The story : Sabine Hobbs, a young Australian pro-tibet activist, publicly immolates herself in China. She survives but is detained as a dangerous activist by China. Six months later, a young man was discovered disemboweled in Canberra. The journalist investigating the murder soon discovers a link with the Chinese embassy. Caught between manipulative, unscrupulous politicians and cold-blooded killers, she has to survive on luck, as the victims pile up. At a period when the USA and China send their ships to take control of the maritime zone, Australia will have to choose sides. In this tense climate, the slightest slip could lead to war.

A thrilling, smart drama about politics and spies. Secret city has a gripping, action-packed storyline with plenty of twists and turns. With each new piece of the puzzle she uncovers, the journalist seems to drift further away from the truth as a whole. Alliances are formed and broken, and former enemies sometimes find themselves side by side. Some players in this international game have planned their moves well in advance, but the unexpected always happens. Whoever knows how to take advantage of them will emerge victorious.

The two seasons of the series offer an interesting reflection on the choice a nation must make between freedom and security, but also on the legitimacy of revenge.

2 seasons, 12 episodes (50 mn), 2016-2019, Foxtel then Netflix


  • Anna Torv / Harriet Dunkley
  • Jacki Weaver / Catriona Bailey
  • Justin Smith / William Vaughn
  • Season 1 : Daniel Wyllie, Alex Dimitriades, Damon Harriman, Eugenia Yuan, Matt Zeremes, Gary Young
  • Season 2 : Danielle Cormack, Laura Gordon, Rob Collins, Don Hany

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