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Morgane Alvaro is “HPI”, high intellectual potential (giftedness), with an IQ of 160. And it creates tons of problems for her. As she can help but see other intellectual weaknesses, her relationships with others are often a little strained. And since her brain is constantly racing to solve everything that’s wrong, she can’t concentrate on …

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Pine Gap

Nestled in a valley near Alice Spring, on a sacred land of the aboriginal people, the Pine Gap center observes everything the satellites transmit: images, of course, but also telephone conversations, geothermal disturbances… This facility is jointly managed by USA and Australia. That can never be easy. But right now, the alliance faces a primary …

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Have you ever dreamed to see the brightest balls of the British aristocraty in the early 19th century ? To observe the ruses and the dirty tricks of scheming mothers to marry off their noble offspring? If so, Bridgerton is for you ! London, during the Regency (1811-1820). Despite King George’s mental illness, for the …

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Based on the real story of Ragnar Lothbrok, how a farmer became a hero, then a king… How Ragnar, then his sons, crossed the seas and shook England. A fabulous epic, the story of a legend well told in a series that has become legendary, creating a Viking fashion phenomenon. Somehere in Scandinavia, near the …

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An excellent biopic about the most famous French businessman. From a working-class background, Bernard Tapie had an insatiable desire for power, a phenomenal capacity for action and a natural charisma. From 1960 to 1990, he created several business, took over companies in difficulty, became a legendary soccer manager, tried his hand at singing and politics. …

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The catch

Alice Vaughn runs a successful firm of private detectives. She is about to marry an handsome businessman. Life seems to smile on her… Except that the groom disappears, taking the PI company’s data with him and causing it to lose all its customers. The detectives have been conned… No way they will let it go. …

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