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Lie to me

Cal Lightman is an expert in deception. For years, he has studied facial expressions and body moves. He can can always tell whether someone is lying or not. This talent is worth a fortune for the FBI, the Justice Department, or wealthy clients. With his partner Gillian Foster, Lightman runs a company specializing in the

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Dulcie Collins lives an ordinary life in a small town of Tasmania. She used to be a detective in Sydney, but switched for a quieter life at the request of her wife. Now, as local police officer, she seldom deals with more than fighting drunk men or speeding tickets. That is, until a nake dead

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Anne Boleyn has just been executed for adultery. Henry VIII appointed Cromwell to run the country. One of his main missions was to close down wealthy Catholic monasteries. For this, Cromwell needed legal grounds, so he began by sending a commissioneer to inspect a first abbey, on the Sussex Coast, facing France. However, the man

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House, M.D.

Everyone agrees on Dr. House: he’s a jerk! He treats his colleagues with a coldness and contempt that borders on cruelty. He ignores his patients. But he’s a genius at diagnosing the most unlikely illnesses. He is now head of the diagnostic department at Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH) in New Jersey. He is admired even

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Dove Malonay is an investigative journalist. She has just revealed a major scandal, but the identity of her source has been leaked and the young man has committed suicide. Urged to leave London by her editors, she is sent to her native Ireland, to Bodkin, a picturesque seaside village in West Cork, alongside with Emmy,

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Drink masters

Twelve mixologists compete to create the most succulent, innovative and beautiful cocktail. Using classical or unexpected components and techniques, they must WOW the judges if they want to stay in the competition and maybe win the 100 000 $ reward offered by Pernod-Ricard. The first three episodes are a bit classical, then themes and special

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