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Doug D’Mello is a constable in the Canadian Police. His family comes from India, but he was born and raised in Canada, and feels no need to learn anything about his Indian roots. His not very good at his job, because he is too reckless and unruly. He decides to stop a truck at the border, suspecting drugs, but makes a fool of himself by not finding them. Annoyed by this new and latest mistakes, his boss suspends him for a month.

Doug doesn’t have time to think about what to do with his time, as he learns that his father, who has moved back to Mumbai, has just had a heart attack. He rushes there, only to discover that his father lied to see him. But chance brings him across the path of a dangerous criminal and a beautiful lawyer. Doug can’t help but investigate, in his own way… Surprisingly, his shortcomings will come in handy in a country he knows little or nothing about.

Here is a cute, refreshing miniseries, which tackles serious issues (poverty in India, trafficking) with rigor, but without over-dramatizing. It is still funny and very pleasing to watch. All the characters are interesting, even those who seem secondary at first (especially the Mumbai and Toronto cops). The music supports the Indian ambience without heaviness. The colors and lighting are beautiful.

The main character’s journey is interesting. In Canada, Doug is used to being seen as an Indian, and not taken seriously because of his indiscipline. In Mumbai, he feels like a stranger, yet everyone respects him and no one seems to take offense at his repeated blunders. Eager to impress a beautiful young woman, he’ll find the resources within himself to solve a difficult investigation, and karma will reward him in the end.

The series could have got a second season, it’s pity it didn’t happen. I recommend those 4 episodes, though, don’t miss out.

Mini-series, 4 episodes (45 mn), 2017, CTV, now on Netflix

CASTING : Russell Peters as Douglas “Doug” D’Mello, Mishqah Parthiephal as Priya Sehgal, Hamza Haq as Gopal, Anupam Kher as Stanley D’Mello, William Shatner as David Marlowe, Christina Cole as Robyn “Bob” Gerner, Nathan Dales as Agent Shamansky.

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