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Cal Lightman is an expert in deception. For years, he has studied facial expressions and body moves. He can can always tell whether someone is lying or not. This talent is worth a fortune for the FBI, the Justice Department, or wealthy clients. With his partner Gillian Foster, Lightman runs a company specializing in the search for the truth. With their team, they interview suspects or victims’ relatives, and visit the scene of a tragedy. In the end, no secret stands up to them.

The series is not excellent. The main character is unsympathetic, with an annoying walk and speech. The plots are simplistic, sometimes moralistic or stupid. Despite its reservations, the lie detection approach to investigation is an interesting one. It’s almost like a course in everything that betrays involuntary thoughts. The secondary characters, not given enough prominence, are endearing. The series is easy to watch, for evenings when you want to relax without having to think too hard.

3 seasons, 48 episodes (40 mn), 2009-2011, on Fox and Disney+

CASTING : Tim Roth / Cal Lightman, Kelli Williams / Dr Gillian Foster, Monica Raymund / Ria Torres, Brendan Hines / Eli Loker, Mekhi Phifer / agent Ben Reynolds, Hayley MacFarland / Emily, Jennifer Beals / Zoe

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