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What if Jane Grey hadn’t been beheaded, Edward was not dead as a child, and some people had the hability to change into animals then change back to humans ? In this alternative reality, normal humans are called “Verity” and metamorphic people are called “Ethians”. Of course, the latter are hunted down and exterminated by order of King Edward. But Edward’s health is declining. Weakened, he accepts the marriage of his cousin Jane Grey with the son of one of his close advisor. Jane is very upset. No one asked for her opinion, as is customary, and her betrothed seems to be a moronic jerk. But nothing and no one is really what it, he or her is supposed to be. As the political power shifts, masks will fall down. Princess Mary and her lover lord Seymour, princess Bess and her Ethian dog/servant Petunia, Jane and her family and in-laws, they will all have to pick a side and carefully choose their allies. For the greater good of England, and for their own survival.

I am too old to be a part of the targeted audience, which is young adults. Still, I appreciated this serie : it’s fresh, funny, punchy ! All characters have several layers. Stan dudley may not be a perfect moron, his father may not be a total coward etc… The bad guys are too bad, though. Mary is charismatic, but she could have gained by being less desperately evil and cruel. Still, it’s an interesting series, pleasant to watch to, with splendid costumes and castles. Long live my lady Jane !

1 season, ongoing, 8 episodes (55 mn), 2024-, on Amazon Prime


  • The Grey’s and in-laws : Emily Bader as Lady Jane Grey, Edward Bluemel as Lord Guildford Dudley, Anna Chancellor as Lady Frances Grey, Rob Brydon as Lord Dudley father, sabella Brownson as Katherine Grey, Robyn Betteridge as Margaret Grey, Henry Ashton as Stan Dudley
  • The royals : Jordan Peters as King Edward VI, Kate O’Flynn as Princess Mary and Dominic Cooper as Lord Seymour, Abbie Hern as Princess Bess (Elizabeth)
  • The Ethians : Máiréad Tyers as Susanna, Michael Workeye as Archer, Joe Klocek as Fitz, Tallulah Greive as Petunia
  • Oliver Chris as Narrator

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