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Nell Serrano is having an early midlife crisis. Five years ago, she gave up a promising career in journalism to follow the man of her dreams to London. But they hit a rough patch, and now she is back to square one, in Pasadena. Her former newpaper’s firm, the “SoCal Independant”, hired her again, but only to write obituaries on the last page. She has to share a flat with a particular roomate, Edward, nice guy who has Asperger’s syndrom and is as as maniacal about organization as Nell is messy. Luckily, her friend Sam is there to support her whatever happens. Otherwise Nell would feel like she was going crazy. All the more so when she realizes that she can see and speak with the deceased people whose obituaries she is writing ! Oh boy, life was not simple before, and it’s not going to get any better…

I love this adorable, funny, energetic feel-good series ! Each of us can identify with Nell, who resigns herself to making progress towards her dreams, one small step at a time, without giving up. She’s spontaneous, positive and adapts easily to the unexpected. In fact, each character is interesting and well-crafted, realistic but with a touch of madness. Lexi, the authoritarian boss who seeks her father’s affection (excellent Lauren Ash, from Superstore). Cricket, the widow and tender friend who knows how to make people love life. Sam, young mother, executive woman and fashion journalist (a pleasure to see Hannah Simone from New girl). Edward, Dennis, Tina… If you want to have a good time and feel everything that makes life worth living, immerse yourself in this delightful series.

2 seasons, ongoing, 23 episodes (20 mn), 2023- , on ABC, Hulu and Disney+

WITH : Gina Rodriguez as Nell Serrano, Hannah Simone as Sam, Lauren Ash as Lexi, Rick Glassman as Edward, Joshua Banday as Dennis, Angela E. Gibbs as Cricket, Brad Garrett as Duncan Rhodes, Maile Flanagan as Tina, Jesse Garcia as TJ, Martin Mull as Monty, Jimmy Bellinger as Mason

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