Dr Harrow

What it is about ? Queensland Institute of Forensic Medicine, Brisbane (Australia). Daniel Harrow is a brilliant, grumpy, nonconformist, undisciplined, eccentric, genial pathologist. A one-of-a-kind pathologist who unearths clues no one else would have thought of. Although his clients are dead, he manages to piss off a lot of people. His colleagues, the police, the relatives of the victims sometimes. However, deep down, he cares about people, and inspires a great deal of loyalty. When his own family is threatened, he must take on the most devious of criminals.

Why it’s a little gem. Well, let’s be honest, Ioan Gruffudd + Remy Hii makes a strong argument. Wouldn’t have been enough, though. The strength of the series lies in its well-crafted, original and endearing characters. As the episodes unfold, we discover their complexity and uniqueness. The other strong point of the series is the storyline and its twists and turns. Performing autopsies is not a risk-free profession. Convicting a criminal or answering a family’s questions puts pressure on pathologists. Harrow and his colleagues doubt, search and try to preserve their family life. They’re up against a game of cat-and-mouse with clever, unscrupulous criminals. Last but not least, the Australian landscapes that appear in some episodes add flavour to the show.

3 seasons, 30 episodes (50 mn), 2018-2021, ABC, now on Disney


  • Ioan Gruffudd / Daniel Harrow
  • Darren Gilshenan / Lyle Fairley
  • Robyn Malcolm / Maxine Pavich
  • Remy Hii / Simon Van Reyk
  • Damien Garvey / Bryan Nichols
  • And : Anna Lise Phillips, Ella Newton, Hunter Page-Lochard, Mirrah Foulkes, Jolene Anderson…

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