Series and docu-series revisit the great periods (all periods) of our history. This page includes dystopic series !

Antiquity – Middle age & Renaissance – XVIIIth & XIXth – XXth

  • Alexander / Netflix / A beautiful docu-series focused on the period of the first part of the conquests (Persia and Egypt).
  • Rome / Amazon / Two soldiers in Cesar’s elite legion, two lifes torn between family and politics

Middle age & Renaissance

  • Marco Polo / Netflix / from 1270 to 1272, the first years of the famous explorer at the court of the great Kubilai Khan, in China
  • Shardlake / Disney+ / Lord Cromwell sends a disabled man to lead a double investigation in a rich catholic monastery
  • Shogun / Netflix / Japan, XVIIth century. In a country divided by feuds between clans, foreign nations try to gain influence
  • Vikings / Amazon & Netflix / A powerful action series with numerous and complex characters. Beautiful and strong !
  • My lady Jane / Amazon / In a dystopic England, Jane Grey becomes Queen of a nation divided between “normal” humans and metamorphic ones


  • Renegade Nell / Disney+ / Dystopic, fantastic / England, 18th century. Helped by a pixie, a young woman fights for justice.
  • Poldark / Cornwall, 1783. A captain comes back after the war of independance. He is noble, without money. But he will find love and new fights.
  • Bridgerton / Netflix / Not exactly dystopic, but a reinvented Regency : romances and rumors at the court.

XXth century

  • Woman at war / Netflix / France, 1914, on the border with Germany. Four women struggle to heal the wounded and protect their families
  • Peaky Blinders / Netflix / Birmingham, 1920. A ruthless gypsy family takes control of all the city’s trafficking. Beautiful and pwoerful !
  • Downton Abbey / Netflix / Great Britain, 1920. Dramas and joys in a noble family and its household. A classic (very classic)
  • Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries / Netflix / Sydney, the late 1920’s. A bold and glamorous young woman decides to become a private detective.
  • WWII : All the light we cannot see / Netflix / Saint-Malo, August 1944. A German soldier defies his orders to save a French young woman
  • Tapie / France, between 1960 and 1995. The rise and fall of the very charismatic businessman Bernard Tapie
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