Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries

Miss Fisher's murder mysteries
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What is is about ? The sparkling and glamorous Phryne Fisher comes back to Sydney after a tour of Europe. Still haunted by the memories of the abduction and murder of her sister, when she was a child, she decides to become detective. A surprising move for a young woman, and from high society at that, in the late 20s. The official police detective has little difficulty in accepting the idea, but the petulant Phryne leaves him no choice. He quickly falls under the spell of this bold, daring and seductive adventuress.

Why it is a little gem ! Just like its main character, the series is absolutely irresistible. The stories are sometimes naive, sometimes dark. But the tone is fresh and light, in the image of the “Roaring Twenties”. The costumes are splendid, as are the retro sets (old car fans beware!). The main “couple”, Phryne and Jack, highlight two strong, opposing personalities. They’re backed up by a more classic couple, Dot and Hugh, who are equally cute and less shy than you’d expect. Surrounded by colorful characters, they twirl in a society where gloom has no place.

3 seasons + 1 movie, 34 episodes (60 mn), 2012-2015

The movie is currently available on Amazon Prime Video. A reboot has been made, with a story in the 70s. I haven’t seen it.

CASTING : Essie Davis / Phryne Fisher, Nathan Page / Detective Jack Robinson, Ashleygh Cummings / Dorothy “Dot” Williams, Hugo Johnstone-Burt / Constable Hugh Collins, Richard Blight / Mr Butler, Miriam Margolyes / Aunt Prudence

Miss Fisher's team
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miss Fisher's glamorous costumes
miss Fisher's reference to another detective : 221B !
a car race in the 20's

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