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the rookie
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  • The rookies : Nathan Fillon / John Nolan – Melissa O’Neil / Lucy Chen – Titus Makin Jr / Jackson West
  • The training officers : Alyssia Diaz / Angela Lopez – Eric Winter / Tim Bradford – Afton Williamson / Talia Bishop
  • And : Richard T. Jones, Shawn Ashmore, Michael Trucco, Mircea Monroe, …

What is it about ? Three rookies just graduated from the academy are assigned to L.A.P.D. One of them is in its forties, father of a son, divorced. After the difficulties of his former construction company, he decides to give meaning back to his life. Very quickly, field work puts the nerves of the young recruits to the test. Violence, guns, distress. Not everything is rosy under the Los Angeles sun. But the solidarity between the police officers, and the bonds between the three rookies, will enable them to make themselves useful in bringing a little peace and justice back to their fellow citizens.

The series is neither original nor subtle. However, its strength lies in its psychological approach. Each event demands an adapted emotional and strategic approach from the police. The series explores what it means for the men and women of the police force to deal with violence and danger on a daily basis. Despite the seriousness of the subject, the tone is not heavy, and the series is pleasant to watch. Nathan Fillon is back in top form, in a serious, mature role that suits him perfectly.

5 seasons, ongoing, 98 episodes (40 mn), 2018 –

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