Renegade Nell

Renagade Nell
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Nell Jackson (don’t call her Nell-y !) is not one to let things get to her. She comes back from war, were she was a soldier, pretending to be a man. She reunites with her father and her sisters in the village of Tottenham, belonging to Lord Blancheford. The lord’s son, Thomas, is a foolish mean young man. But his brutality goes one step further when he kills Nell’s father, and then his own father. He frames Nell for Lord Blancheford’s murder. Thomas’s sister Sofia supports his version of events. Nell, the peasant girl, has no choice but to flee. She joins forces with a highwayman to rob the rich. But what will forge her legend are the extraordinary powers conferred on her by a little pixie whenever she’s in danger. However, she’s up against a noble master of black magic who’ll do anything to seize a much greater power.

I admit that this summary may seem confusing. That’s because the plot blends several levels: history (England, 18th century), fantasy and politics. The first episode seemed a bit long, and it took me a while to get into the story. Moreover, casting a majority of young actors is rare. It may seem unconvincing at first, but the freshness that emanates quickly compensates for this effect. More importantly, this series creates its own visual and musical identity. Obviously, for a plot with fairies and magical powers, realism is not the point. Don’t look for historical accuracy, for example. This gives the freedom to create sumptuous costumes, especially Lady Eularia’s (the one in the trial is a must!). The music is adapted to a young audience, contributing to a playful, rhythmic tone.

Unconvinced at first, I was won over by the series’ intriguing originality.

1 season, ongoing, 8 episodes (50 mn), 2024-

With : Louisa Harland / Nell, Bo Bragason / Roxy, Florence Keen / George, Enyi Okoronkwo / Rasselas, Alice Kremelberg / Sofia, Jake Dunn / Thomas, Franck Dillane / Charles or Isambard, Adrian Lester / Poynton, Nick Mohammed / Billy, Joely Richardson / Eularia, Jodhi May / The Queen

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