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Twelve mixologists compete to create the most succulent, innovative and beautiful cocktail. Using classical or unexpected components and techniques, they must WOW the judges if they want to stay in the competition and maybe win the 100 000 $ reward offered by Pernod-Ricard. The first three episodes are a bit classical, then themes and special atmospheres make the competition much more exciting. Combined with a little bit of culinary skills, the bartenders and the judges offer a very interesting lesson on how to make a good cocktail.

The bar is absolutely splendid, and the candidates’ creations are often breathtakingly beautiful. It’s a pity we can’t taste them! This program is sure to inspire you to learn how to create your own cocktails!

Hosted by Tone Bell, judges : Julie Reiner and Frankie Solarik

1 season, 10 episodes (30 mn), 2022- ongoing, on Netflix

Drink masters a menu of 3 cocktails
Drink masters the team
Drins masters a forest cocktail
Drink masters Suzu

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