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Dove Malonay is an investigative journalist. She has just revealed a major scandal, but the identity of her source has been leaked and the young man has committed suicide. Urged to leave London by her editors, she is sent to her native Ireland, to Bodkin, a picturesque seaside village in West Cork, alongside with Emmy, a shy employee of her newspaper, whom she had never noticed before. They have to help Gilbert Power, an American podcaster who has come to report on the Samhain festival. Twenty years ago, on the same night, three people disappeared in Bodkin. Power intends to use this old incident to find a story to tell. But when he turns up like a dog in a bowling alley in this seemingly quiet village, he’s going to reveal some deep-seated secrets, and unleash violence he never expected. Just because no one talks about the past doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have repercussions in the present!

After a first episode that’s a little slow to get going, we get caught up in the investigation, and the suspense works very well. The theme is well known: everyone has secrets, and the peaceful appearance is often deceptive. But it’s treated with a successful blend of humor and darkness. The mood is sombre, but human.

Trios are rarely featured in series, but this one is effective: awkward Gilbert, suspicious Dove and self-effacing Emmy will emerge transformed from this story. Around them, the characters are endearing even when they’re unsympathetic. The geeky genius back from silicon valley, the hippie nuns, the hippie hustlers, the young man who doesn’t speak but sings like an angel… The characters are full of flavor. Almost “normal” among them, Seamus remains a complex, charismatic character.

In the background, rural Ireland offers landscapes of raw beauty. After watching the series, all you want to do is explore the villages of West Cork … but not this one!

Miniseries, 7 episodes (50 mn), 2024, on Netflix

With : Siobhan Cullen / Dove, Will Forte / Gilbert, Robyn Cara / Emmy, David Wilmot / Seamus, Chris Walley / Sean, Kerri Mc Lean / Maeve

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