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The Shelby family in Peaky blinders

The story : Tommy, Arthur, Ada, John, Finn and aunt Polly. A ruthless gypsy family survives in a ruthless world. Thomas and Arthur are veterans of WWI, both suffering nightmares and PTSD. Tommy has been decorated for his heroism, and nothing seems to scare him. The close-knit family runs a thriving mafia business in Birmingham. They own an entire neighborhood. But rival gangs and the occasional police force are a constant threat to their survival. Their gypsy roots, high society marriages and political careers will help them to overcome all threats.

Why it’s a little gem of a series… Let’s not be hypocritical: Cillian Murphy’s magnetic presence is what attracted so many viewers! Doe eyes and lady lips with a male voice and a virile body, it’s a unique combination. But if viewers have stayed and the series has been such a success, it’s because the entire cast and the writing are exceptional. Special mention to Paul Anderson and to the late Helen Mc Crory. But others are excellent too. Personally, I would have liked to have seen more substantial roles for Esme and the colorful Alfie Salomons. The characters are all complex and their relationships well-developed. Beyond that, the quality of the photography, the sets and costumes, and the deliberately offbeat music create an almost addictive atmosphere. I doubt very much that the story of the real Peaky Blinders gang would have been so appealing… But the series’ script keeps us on the edge of our seats and gives us intense and beautiful moments, in violence as well as in prosperity. I’ve only one thing to add: Wow… Bravo !

6 seasons, 36 episodes (50 mn), 2013-2022, currently on Netflix

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  • Creator : Steven Knight
  • Cillian Murphy / Tommy Shelby
  • Paul Anderson / Arthur Shelby
  • Helen Mc Crory / Polly Gray (born Shelby)
  • Sophie Rundle / Ada Thorne (born Shelby)
  • Finn Cole / Michael Gray
  • Joe Cole / John Shelby
  • Harry Kirton / Finn Shelby
  • And Tom Hardy, Natasha O’Keefe, Aimee Ffion Edwards, Packy Lee, Adrien Brody, Aidan Gillen…

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