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The story : Berlin, Bombay, Chicago, London, Mexico city, Nairobi, Seoul. 8 young people, 8 lifes which began on the exact same moment, and are about to begin a second time… A woman gives birth to a cluster, then commits suicide. All her newborn from the cluster, aged 25, see her in a vision. Then they begin to share a connexion between them, hearing sounds from another city, seeing things from elsewhere, feeling rain while the sun is shining. Soon, Capheus, Kala, Lito, Nomi, Riley, Sun, Will and Wolfgang find out they are not alone, but whole with the 7 others. They can share everything, and use the capacities of each others. But the blessing comes with a curse, as a mysterious organization hunts them all.

Why is it a unique series ? The story is unique, very challenging and intriguing. But the power in it comes from the wonderful assumption : and if we were not alone ? Believer or not, each one of us suffers, at moments or all the time, from at least a certain dose of loneliness., from the fundamental fear of living and dying alone. Even surrounded by our loved ones, loneliness is never far away. Here come 8 intertwined lives. More than brothers and sisters, they grew apart in different cultures but become connected in an instant. And their connexion will become a survival issue. Because in the real world, criminal organisations and corporation ARE, in fact, well connected. That is the second story of Sense8, hidden behind the first one.

Sense8 may be a little bit heavy when it conveys a message of tolerance and openness : too much drugs and sex for me (raw sex, supposed to show love, but rather disgusting). It even completely spoils the final scenes, much too looooooong. But all that goes before deserves to be seen ! Wonderful landscapes, great music in each episodes, brillant colors and lights, and great fights and action. It’s powerful, it is well directed, the characters are very endearing. It’s f… brilliant.

2 seasons, 24 episodes (45 mn), 2015-2018, Netflix.


  • Creators : Lana & Lily Wachowski / Joseph Michael Straczynski
  • Aml Ameen the Toy Onwumere / Capheus
  • Jamie Clayton / Nomi Marks
  • Tina Desai / Kala Dandekar-Rasal
  • Bae Doona / Sun Bak
  • Tuppence Middletown / Riley « Riley Blue » Gunnarsdóttir
  • Max Riemelt / Wolfgang Bogdanow
  • Miguel Angel Silvestre / Lito Rodriguez
  • Brian J. Smith / Will Gorski
  • Also : Freema Agyeman, Naveen Andrews, Daryl Hannah, Maximilian Mauff, Terrence Mann…

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