Starsky & Hutch

Starsky & Hutch
French opening song : “knights of the heart”
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The story : “Bay City”, California. Two cops, close friends, strive for law and order, under the command of their Captain. They get help from a very efficient informant, Huggy Bear [French name : Huggy “the good tips”]. They solve each case with panache and humor.

Why is is so iconic ? I hadn’t seen an episode since I was a child in the 80s. I did see it again in 2023 and guess what ? It still works ! Of course, now, it is “kitsch”, so 70s… The cars, the clothes, the music, showing off… It’s all aged, but well aged. The tandem is simple but effective. Starsky is very outgoing, while Hutch is more thoughtful and composed. Their captain (a black actor, to be noted at the time !) is stern and scolding, but a good guy. And Huggy is a colorful character, clever, crooked and irresistible. Action, rhythm, humor. Nothing revolutionary, but a very enjoyable series.

4 seasons, 93 episodes (50 mn), 1975-1979


  • Paul Michael Glaser / David « Dave » Starsky
  • David Soul / Kenneth « Hutch » Hutchinson
  • Antonio Fargas / Huggy Bear
  • Bernie Hamilton / Captain Harold Dobey
Red Ford Gran Torino, Starsky's car
The red Ford Gran Torino
Huggy Bear in Starsky and Hutch
Huggy Bear
Captain Dobey in Starsky and Hutch
Captain Dobey

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