Only murders in the building

Only murders in the building
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The story : The Arconia, a prestigious building (a real one) in Manhattan, houses several hundred apartments, and as many residents of varying wealth and eccentricity. One day, one of the residents commits suicide. Or so it seems… One of his friends, Mabel, wants to dig deeper. In her quest for the truth, the apprentice detective crosses paths with two other murder enthusiasts : Charles Haden-Savage, a former famous actor, and Oliver Putnam, a former broadway director. Two generations separate them, but the unlikely trio decide to create a podcast and forge a friendship that will stand the test of time.

OMitB is one of my favorite shows! I’d run out of innovative, creative series when this adorable UFO came out. For once, we’re getting away from a plot based on a duo, which is always made up of people of the same age. Selena Gomez + Steve Martin + Martin Short ? I hadn’t followed them in other films or series, and I’d never have thought of pairing them up, but it works! Incredibly well, in fact. Around them gravitate a galaxy of strong secondary characters. Between handsome boys/girls and legendary faces, a host of well-written characters spice up the plot and the action. And in the background, the majestic Arconium dominates all this little world, unperturbed by so much excitement.

A special mention to the music and the design of the opening sequence, brilliant, and to the general design of the show (photography, costumes, sets…)

3 seasons (ongoing), 27 episodes (30-40 mn), Hulu and Disney


  • Selena Gomez / Mabel Mora
  • Steve Martin / Charles-Haden Savage
  • Martin Short / Oliver Putnam
  • And : Ryan Broussard, James Caverly, Michael Cyril Creighton, Jayne Houdyshell, Jackie Hoffman, Nathan Lane, Amy Ryan, Adina Verson
  • Special guests : Tina Fey, Jane Linch, Sting (s. 1), Cara Delevingne (s. 2), Shirley Mc Lane (s. 2), Paul Rudd (s. 3), Meryl Streep (s. 3), Jesse Williams (s. 3)
the Arconia street entrance
Only murders in the building Bunny Folger
Only murders in the building Uma Heller
Only murders in the building Teddy Dimas
the Arconia interior patio

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