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  • Showrunners : Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat
  • Benedict Cumberbatch / Sherlock
  • Martin Freeman / Watson
  • And : Rupert Graves / Lestrade – Una Stubbs / Mrs Hudson – Louise Brealey / Molly – Mark Gatiss / Mycroft – Amanda Abbington / Mary
  • The evil guys : Andrew Scott / Moriarty – Lara Pulver / Irene Adler – Lars Mikkelsen / Magnussen – Phil Davis / Jeff the taxi driver

Why it is a must-see series !

Everyone knows the story. Sherlock, genius, solitaire, addict, his loyal Watson, a doctor, Lestrade, the police detective etc… Countless adaptations have been made, usually too classical and boring. Here comes a modern one, one that twists the details but retains the spirit and codes. London, nowadays (2010-2015). Sherlock is a loner, usually seen as a freak, but with a good network of people he once helped. Watson is a war veteran, suffering apparent PTSD. They both share a flat, then a friendship.

So why is it different this time ?

First of all, the dialogs are brilliant, diamond cut ! It’s impossible to choose only one, they are all goods. I’d go with one of the very firsts : Sherlock to Lestrade : “Shut off” Lestrade “I haven’t say anything ?” Sh. “You’re thinking, that’s annoying”. Over the course of the episodes, the “domestic scenes” between Sherlock and John Watson are hilarious and memorable.

Second, the casting is impeccable ! And the secondary characters are more fully fleshed out than in the books. The first episode opens with Watson, not Sherlock, and John’s character will prove to be much more than just a pale figurehead. Able to stand up to the genie, and even manage his moods, he’s part of the action, not just a follower. Martin Freeman delivers a strong and brilliant performance. That’s all it took to match a Benedic Cumberbatch bursting with charisma. After a few minutes of the first episode, the phone of the little-known actor rang and his career was launched. The rest of the casting is equally brilliant, and so-british : serious with a delicious note of eccentriciy. For once, Lestrade is sexy, Mycroft funny, Mrs Hudson strong headed, Mary is a killer, Moriarty subtle in his madness. Added to the story, Molly gradually gains in depth.

There would be much more to say about the series, but this is just a post. My only regret : the last season goes a bit haywire. But don’t miss the three previous ones !

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4 seasons, 12 episodes + 2 specials (90 minutes), 2010-2017, BBC One and now Amazon Prime

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