Rome HBO series poster of the first season

A brilliant and daring strategist, Caesar had just won a decisive victory at Gergovia. Gaul is conquered. But in Rome, particularly in the Senate, not everyone welcomed the return of the ambitious consul. Pompey, once a close ally, felt threatened and decided to stop his momentum. More visionary than his opponents from the nobility, Caesar knew what a formidable ally the people represented. For more than twenty years, he would shape the Roman Empire, and the destinies of millions of people.

Rome, the series, has the merit of focusing on popular heroes, without neglecting the multiple intrigues between well-known historical figures. The plot follows the fate of Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, legionnaires in Caesar’s prestigious bodyguard, and their difficult return to civilian life. Over the course of two seasons (Caesar’s era, then Octavian’s), the series introduces colorful characters: Mark Antony, Pompey, Cicero, Cleopatra, etc. For once, Octavius, less famous than his uncle, although a great emperor, become a central figure. But the popular fictional characters take up just as much space, and that’s what makes the series so compelling.

Despite a cruel lack of subtlety in the exploration of the links between power and sex (HBO’s trademark‚Ķ), Rome immerses us in an exciting and lively historical reconstruction.

2 seasons, 22 episodes (50 mn), 2005-2007, HBO, BBC2 & Rai 2, now on Amazon


  • Kevin McKidd / Lucius Vorenus
  • Ray Stevenson / Titus Pullo
  • James Purefoy / Mark Anthony
  • Polly Walker / Atia
  • Lindsay Duncan / Servillia
  • Indira Varma / Niobe
  • Max Pirkis then Simon Woods / Octavius
  • Ci√†ran Hinds / Caesar
  • Tobias Menzies / Brutus

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