It may seem odd to define money as a category. It defines the way we live, though. We all struggle with life. However, when money is rare, struggles are much more numerous and difficult ! On the other end of the scope, with money come different kind of problems. In France, we have a saying : money doesn’t make you happy, but it’s a major contributor.

When money is rare :

  • Boys swallows universe / Netflix / Brisbane, in the 70’s. Two brothers struggle to build their life in a poor suburb

Evolution or crossed path between two social worlds

  • The unusual suspects / Netflix / A successful influencer, her maid, her neigbours improvise a bold heist as a revenge

Wealth and luxury :

  • Bridgerton / Netflix / During a reinvented British Regency : romances and rumors at the court.
  • Dallas / [old series] / In the 1980’s, two Texan family compete for the local power about oil and ranches
  • The catch / Disney+ / A young woman running a detective agency discovers that her fiancé has conned her.
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