The unusual suspects

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The unusual suspects
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Sara Beastley is a successful influencer, about to sign an important deal. She displays her enviable life on her social accounts, for her followers to admire her wonderful house, her beautiful children, her nanny she cares so much for… The only problem is that it’s all fake. She is broke and about to lose everything she’s got. She barely sees her children, a vague nuisance in her life as a businesswoman. She knows nothing about her nanny. Fortunately, the latter is clever. With the help of a few friends, she decides to get her boss out of trouble, and get rich in the process, by organizing an unusual heist…

The mini-series is four episodes long, and that’s a bit short – probably two more would have been better. It touches on the now classic theme of internet make-believe, but doesn’t develop it. It shows how immigrant housewives devote time to their employers’ families, even though they have sacrificed their own. But it’s above all the central theme that would have benefited from further development : six women, of very different ages and social backgrounds, share a need to change their lives. Capitalizing on the fact that they don’t fit the usual suspect profile, they team up to pull off an unlikely heist.

The first episode, which sets up the plot, is a bit classic. But then things accelerate, and the heist itself, which takes up most of the third episode, is absolutely hilarious. The amateurism of the apprentice thieves makes for some hilarious scenes. Although a little bit unfinished, this sympathetic series is well worth a look.

Casting : Miranda Otto / Sara, Aina Dumlao / Evie, Michelle Vergara Moore / Roxanne, Lena Cruz / Amy, Susana Downes / Gigi, Heather Mitchell / Birdie.

Mini-series, 4 episodes (50 mn), 2021, SBS then Netflix

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