The catch

The catch (US) series
The catch (US) series : the team

Alice Vaughn runs a successful firm of private detectives. She is about to marry an handsome businessman. Life seems to smile on her… Except that the groom disappears, taking the PI company’s data with him and causing it to lose all its customers. The detectives have been conned… No way they will let it go. Heartbroken, humiliated, Alice will stand firm and concentrate on what she does best: investigating, to find the man she once thought she loved.

Why it is a pleasant show : At first, the series hesitates between being politically correct and cynical, manichean and complex. As a result, the first episodes are much to classical, with an air of already-made, already-seen. OK, you get to see some elaborate heists, and the life of the rich people in L.A., and that’s fine, but it’s not enough. Fortunately, after american characters that lack substance, the tasty British family enters the scene. First, the sister, then the brother, finally the mother. And that changes all ! Thanks to excellent actors and better-written characters, cynism and complexity win, giving us a much better script, especially in season 2.

2 seasons, 20 episodes (42 mn), 2016-2017, ABC, now on Disney+

  • The British : Peter Krause / Benjamin Jones, Sonya Walger / Margot Bishop, John Symm / Rhys Griffiths, Lesley Nicol / Sybil Griffiths
  • The PIs : Mireille Enos / Alice Vaughn, Rose Rollins / Valerie Anderson, Jay Hayden / Danny Yoon, Elvy Yost / Sophie Novak
  • FBI : Jacky Ido / Jules Dao, Gina Torres / Justine Diaz
  • And : Alimi Ballard / Reggie, Medalion Rahimi / Princess Zara Al-Salim, T.R. Knight / Tommy Vaughn, Warren Christie / Ethan Ward

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