Fantastic & Heroic Fantasy

One of my favorite categories, because it allows to dream ! The story may be a bit horrific, or light and beautiful, but it’s always a journey into the imaginary.

I recommend

My top 4 !

  • Carnival Row / Amazon / A top notch series which I adore, close to perfection : an inspector investigates the murder of a fairy, a despised creature.
  • Bodies / Netflix / London. 1890, 1941, 2023, 2053. Four police detectives find a body in an alley. Naked, shot through the right eye. Same alley, same body…
  • The rings of power / Amazon / Despite an half-baked first season, it is still Tolkien’s word. The images and costumes are astonishing, and part of the casting is good.
  • The wheel of time / Amazon / Some women can conjure powers. But a dark enemy arises, and threatens the world

These are also good series !

  • Bewitched / One of the oldest series, still good and funny today. Samantha is a witch, and that’s not easy for her husband
  • Buffy / Disney+ / Once in each generation, a girl get the gift to fight and slay demonic creatures
  • Charmed / Disney+ / San Francisco, in the 2000’s. Three sisters discover that they belong to a long line of witches.
  • Game of thrones / HBO / The mega-success that breathed new life into heroic fantasy series, and maybe series in general
  • My lady Jane / Amazon / In a dystopic England, Jane Grey becomes Queen of a nation divided between “normal” humans and metamorphic ones
  • The last airbender / Netflix / 4 nations, 4 elemental powers. A boy gets the power and responsibility to maintain balance.
  • The wizards of waverly place / Disney+ / The parents and their three teenage children. Normal, except the children are wizards.
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