Buffy, the vampire slayer

buffy the vampire slayer
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  • Created by Joss Whedon
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar / Buffy Summers
  • Alyson Hannigan / Willow Rosenberg
  • Nicholas Brendon / Alexander Harris
  • Anthony Steward Head / Rupert Giles
  • And : Charisma Carpenter, David Boreanaz, Seth Grenn, James Marsters, Kristine Sutherland

What is it about ? In each era, a slayer is given powers and given the task of eliminating demonic creatures. Buffy Summers is that girl. A former cheerleader expelled from her high school for destroying a gym (full of vampires), she arrives in Sunnydale, a small provincial town. But Sunnydale is also Hell’s mouth, a junction between several worlds where all sorts of terrifying creatures appear. With the help of her friends, the “Scooby Gang”, and her watcher who trains her, Buffy will relentlessly bring down the worst abominations, not without falling in love with an Angel.

Why it is a milestone in the saga of series : The series is feminist. Besides, through Willow, it undoubtedly offers one of the first lesbian main characters. But what captivated audiences, beyond the teenage target group, were the highly stylized fights, which reflected the characters’ personalities: Buffy is agile and graceful, Angel strong and brutal, Spike whimsical… Sarah Michelle Gellar’s impeccable beauty contrasts with the horrible, kitschy faces of the creatures she confronts. The variety of creatures seems limitless, from classic vampires and demons to Inca mummies and puppets. The colorful papier-mache-style backdrops lend an offbeat tone to the horror-movie style. A final highlight of the series: rock music is omnipresent and punctuates the action.

To be noted : the series follows a movie film (1992, different casting) that sets the scene for the story.

7 seasons + one sequel series (Angel), 144 episodes (40 mn), 1997-2003, now on Amazon Prime

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