The intern (la stagiaire)

The intern la stagiaire
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  • Michèle Bernier / Constance Meyer
  • Arié Elmaleh season 1 / juge Filiponi
  • Antoine Hamel / juge Delcourt
  • Nicolas Marié / Attorney Quiring
  • And : Fanny Pelletier, Philippe Lelièvre, Rémi Pedevilla, Soraya Garlenq, Clément Moreau…

What it is about ? Marseille, a beautiful Mediterranean city. A young examining magistrate and his trainee (a former prisoner victim of a miscarriage of justice) investigate murders. The police, the public prosecutor’s office, witnesses, the victim’s relatives… You need to manage all the players involved in the investigation with tact and strategy. By combining psychology, compassion and cunning, the duo of judges manage to unearth the best-kept secrets.

Why you should really watch it : it’s a wonderful concentration of French culture: grumpiness, pride, humor, love of family and good food, a taste for simple pleasures to be shared under the sun. It’s funny and the duo of judges works remarkably well (from season 2, juge Delcourt). An added bonus: the series takes us to the most beautiful sites in Marseille and Provence.

8 seasons, ongoing, 56 episodes (52 mn), 2015-

Marseille Notre Dame de la Garde
Marseille calanque de sormiou
Marseille le Mucem et l'entrée sur le vieux port

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