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Carnival Row
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The story : two nations are at war, the Alliance and the Pact, fighting on all fronts, including the land of fairies and other non-human creatures (the “Critchs”), collateral victims of a war that is not theirs. The Alliance has lost the war, and many Critchs have had to take refuge in the capital, Burgh, where they are poorly accepted. In this tense atmosphere, Rycroft Philostrate tries to investigate a series of murders of fairies, despite the disapproval of his fellow policemen. He reunites with Vignette, the fairy he met and loved when he was a soldier. But chaos breaks out in the city. Everyone must choose sides, and decide how far they are prepared to go to defend their loved ones and their values.

Why does this series matter? This is my very first blog post. The top quality of Carnival Row was an excellent surprise. I find it close to perfection in every aspect. The cast is exceptional, from the stars to every policeman, Critch, alliance or pact politician. The music is beautiful. The photography is exceptional. The sets, the costumes, the light, nothing has been neglected. We find ourselves projected into a universe that replicates Victorian England, save for a few mythological creatures. And of course, the story is well-constructed and well-paced. Two seasons isn’t much. But on the bright side, the series is not in danger of losing quality, as sometimes it may happen.

2 seasons, 18 episodes (1h), 2019-2023. Amazon Prime Video


  • Orlando Bloom / Rycroft Philostrate
  • Cara Delevingne / Vignette Stonemoss
  • Simon Mc Burney / Runyan Millworthy
  • Tamzin Merchant / Imogen Spunrose
  • David Gyazi / Agreus Astrayon
  • Karla Crome / Tourmaline Larou
  • Andrew Gower / Ezra Spunrose
  • + Jared Harris, Indira Varma, Arty Froushan, Caroline Ford and many other brilliant actors…
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