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Samantha, her husband Darrin Stephens, their daughter Tabatha, Sam’s mother Endora… A normal family, or so it seems. But Sam is a witch. A nice one, mind you, but still. She can solve most problems by wiggling her nose. Darrin’s having a little trouble processing it and getting used to it. He’s having even more trouble accepting his stepmother and her use of magic -on him, most of the time ! And soon, the child begins to use it too… Poor Darrin, surrounded by strong women using magic tricks…

From 1963 to 1972, Bewitched was one of the first family sitcom. It was funny, and gave hints about tolerance. The actors became stars. A movie with Nicole Kidman was released in 2005.

Created by Sol Saks, with Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York then Dick Sargent, Agnes Moorehead, Maurice Evans…

8 seasons, 254 episodes (35 mn), 1964-1972, Columbia for ABC

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