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Four nations, among them people able to master an element : fire, earth, air, water. The subtle balance of the word rely on the shoulder of the avatar, a unique person able to master all the elements. Alternatively born in one of the nations, he or she must ensure that no one prevails. When an avatar dies, another is born in another nation, always in the same order. But the fire nations decides to disrupt this immutable order. While the avatar, an airbender, is still a child, it attacks the capital of the airbenders. Sent away by his master, the avatar is swept away by a storm and trapped in a glacier. When two siblings deliver him, hundred years later, he discovers another world, dominated by the fire nation. And he is still almost powerless. accompanied by his new friends, he embarks on a journey to acquire the powers he lacks and restore balance.

The images are very beautilful. The series is a good way to relax and dream a little without stress. However, it has trouble choosing its tone and its audience: too serious for children, too light and even naive for teens and adults. The main topic is war and responsibility, making impossible, cruel choices. At the same time, the plot is treated with lightness and humor. It’s a little unsettling. The philosophy of each people, reflecting their element, isn’t explored enough either, but perhaps that will come in later seasons.

The characters, whose complexity is only hinted at, reflect this sense of being in the middle of the road. In the end, the show remains entertaining, and I’ll be looking forward to the next seasons.

This series is a reboot after a movie released in 2010 and an animated series in 2005-2009 (Nickeledeon)

1 season, ongoing, 8 episodes (50 mn), Netflix

With : Gordon Cormier / Aang, Kaiwentiio / Katara, Ian Ousley / Sokka, Dallas Liu / Prince Zuko, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee / general Iroh

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