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Ten Glassblowers from all around the world face off in a competition where technique must not overshadow artistic vision. At each stage of the competition, instructions are given for completing a project. Glassblowers are judged on their adherence to instructions, technical skill and creativity. The winner receives a prize package worth the equivalent of $60,000, including an artist residency at the Corning Museum of Glass (New York).

I am not especially interested in competitions, but the skill of glassblowing is simply magical... A thick, bland paste is gradually transformed into translucent, subtly shaped objects, and it’s wonderful to see. The show took place in a warehouse in Canada, fitted out with all the necessary equipment. Each episode is divided into three parts : cr√©ation, transformation, and presentation.

The program is well conceived and interesting, and it’s fascinating to watch glass works being created.

4 seasons + 4 Christmas épisodes, 44 episodes (30 mn), 2019-

Permanent judge : Katherine Gray (official website here), host season 1-3 Nick Uhas, host season 4 Hunter March

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