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What if caring about the planet and those who live on it was all but boring ? What if spectacular images, natural kindness and open-mindedness could make us a little more tolerant, give us just a bit oh hope ?

Zac Efron and Darin Olien explore several countries in search of concrete solutions to develop a more sustainable lifestyle. Water, food, energy production, respect for flora and fauna, and of course global warming. Each episode presents the facts of the problem and suggests concrete ways for improvement. Important changes, but also small things that everyone can do without changing their lifestyle. The beauty of the images is breathtaking. Discovering little-known cultures, customs and research is an enriching experience. Down to earth is, to my knowledge, the only series to give such recognition to aboriginal peoples, for example, and bravo for that!

I’ve read reviews of the series that I find simplistic.
It says that only Zac Efron fans can love it. Personally, I only knew his name, which I associated with mediocre films for young people, but he’s risen in my esteem. Using one’s notoriety to attract the public to a just cause is much more meaningful than what most stars do.

More importantly, the series was accused of being too light-hearted, and even of advocating unfounded medical practices.

I may be a vegan living a very simple, low consuming life, but I am old enough to know that if you want to convince as many people as possible, you have to compromise. Simply stating the dreadful reality of the damages inflicted to our poor planet, advocating radical changes, it’s true, but it’s not a good strategy. Nobody wants to watch a depressing, moralistic show. Down to earth has opted for a much more positive approach, conveying feasible solutions, confidence in humanity and hope. Simplistic? Perhaps. But indispensable.

As for the critics about millennia-old practices that traditional science scorns, it’s a classic of narrow-minded people. My father is a scientist, and he taught me that the the true scientist doubts. Open-mindedness is what drives science forward. Of course doubt works both ways, nobody should believe a guru without solid ground for making its own conviction. But that’s not what I saw. When the medicinal properties of plants are presented, I see a field that the pharmaceutical industry should explore!

In my opinion, down to earth is an excellent show, featuring wonderful people and hopeful solutions. It should be shown in schools and DVDs given to all the grumpy people who pollute our beautiful planet.

2 seasons, the second one in Australia, 16 episodes (30 mn), 2020-2022, on Netflix

With Zac Efron and Darin Olien.

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