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The Russo are a normal family. Jerry and Theresa, the parents, run a small restaurant in Greenwich village. Their three children, Justin, Alex and Max, go to school, have friends, a social life… Nothing out of the ordinary, except that they are wizards. Not Theresa, mind you, who does not seem to mind and stay cool with weird things happening all the time. But Jerry, who used to have magical powers and lost them, is now trying to teach how to become a proper wizard to his three children, and at the same time, how to live withouth magic. For the siblings know that, one day, they will have to compete to retain the family power, two of them losing it as Jerry before. But for now, they just want to have fun. And really, with three teenagers experimenting magical powers, what could possibly go wrong ?

It’s fresh, it’s cute, it’s full of good energy ! As “bewitched” long before, the series explores the theme of a normal family life, when only one of its members is “normal”, ignoring all about the magic surrounding her. It also show the impact of keeping a secret identity, something that all teenagers can relate to, even if there is no magic involved. The plots are simple, the episodes short. Designed as a family program, the series makes for a good, relaxing time, and reassures you that your own family isn’t so crazy after all…

Created by Todd J. Greenwald, with Selena Gomez, David Henrie, Jake T. Austin, Jennifer Stone, Maria Canals-Barrera and David DeLuise

4 seasons, 106 episodes (20 mn), 2007-2012, on Disney

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