Adrenaline is the main criteria here. I liked all the series listed below

  • Bodkin / Netflix / In a picturesque village in Ireland, foreign journalists will reaveal well-seated secrets, and unleash chaos
  • Buffy / Disney / Once in each generation, a girl get the gift to fight and slay demonic creatures
  • Clickbait / Netflix / The video of the abduction of a alleged rapist goes viral. At 5 M views, he dies.
  • Game of thrones / HBO / The mega-success that breathed new life into heroic fantasy series, and maybe series in general
  • Lupin / Netflix / Assane Diop is a fan of Arsene Lupin. He will copy his hero’s methods to avenge an injustice
  • Money heist (la casa de papel) / Netflix / A genius recruits a team of specialist in order to pull off the heist of the century
  • Peaky blinders / Netflix / Birmingham, 1920. A ruthless gypsy family takes control of all the city’s trafficking
  • Renegade Nell / Disney / England, 18th century. Helped by a pixie, a young woman fights for justice
  • Secret city / Netflix / A journalist investigating a murder in Sydney unravels a major political conspiracy
  • The catch / Disney / A woman running a private detective agency discovers that her fiancĂ© has conned her
  • Vikings / Amazon & Netflix / A bold young man decides, against all odds, to sail west. He will define the viking’s history
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