clickbait, the sister and the wive
The sister and the wife
clickbait, the threat
Good guy or monster ?
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Nick Brewer is a loving father, husband, brother and son. He is a good guy, living a good life, until he is brutally abducted. A video appears on internet. He is seen holding signs saying that he abuses women and killed one of them. The last sign says “at 5 million views, I die”. The video becomes viral and soon reaches the dreadful threshold. While Nick’s family desperately tries to find him, with the help of an ambitious police inspector, the crowd goes wild. If a video on internet, then the discover of several dating profiles, say that this man is an abuser and a murderer, it must be true ! For the family, it’s an awful descent into hell: growing concern about Nick’s fate, doubts, and the ferocity of the judging crowd.

If you like thrillers with unexpected twists and a solution impossible to find out, you will love clickbait ! The scenaristic choice is interesting. Each episode is a progression in the story, but told from the perspective of one particular character (first the sister, then the wife etc…). Each one add a new angle, as a kaleidoscope of reality seen through the eyes of several protagonists. And each time you think you have grasped something essential, it slips away and a new story appears. A good reminder that on the social medias, everything can be fake and nothing is what it seems.

Mini-series, 8 episodes (45 mn), 2021, on Netflix

With : Zoe Kazan / Pia, Betty Gabriel / Sophie, Phoenix Raei / Roshan Amiri, Adrian Grenier / Nick, Camaron Engels / Ethan, Jaylin Fletcher / Kai, Jesse Collins / Emma Beasley, Abraham Lim / Ben Park

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