Family series

Transgenerational series that we can watch together, and talk about together.

I recommend

My favorites !

  • Brooklyn 99 / Netflix / The wacky life of a police station. Smarter than it may seem…
  • Friends / HBO / THE CLASSIC that made so many people love series. What to say ? Bravo !
  • Modern Family / Disney / Three generations, a dozen of lifestyles… Arguing, caring, supporting themselves. Family…
  • Never have I ever / Netflix / Devi is a nerdy Indian girl in a californian high-school. A fresh, funny, moral booster series !
  • Only murders in the building / Disney / Three neighbours who have nothing in common join forces to solve murders. Brillant !
  • Stargate SG-1 / Amazon / One of my favorites as you can see in the logo… A family program to escape and also learn tolerance
  • The good place / Netflix / Smart and funny, this series about afterlife asks fundamental questions and make you laugh

These are also very good !

  • Bewitched / ? / One of the oldest series, still good and funny today. Samantha is a witch, and that’s not easy for her husband
  • Castle / Disney / Richard Castle is a famous novelist. He becomes a police consultant, and soon falls under the spell of a beautiful detective
  • Detox (Fr) Off the hook (GB) / Netflix / Two cousins in their twenties set themselves a challenge : no more internet for a month !
  • Down to earth / Netflix / Zac Efron and Darin Olien show concrete solutions to help the planet, with breathtaking images !
  • Grace and Frankie / Netflix / Two women in their seventies are left by their husbands, who remarry together.
  • HPI / Disney / A mother of three with an exceptionnal IQ helps the police, with her very own style !
  • Merci internet / Amazon / Squeezie is THE French star of youtube. His success and evolution tell a lot about social media et society
  • Mère / Fille / Disney / Isa, 38 years old, Barbara, 14 years old. Between arguments and ruses, two young women.
  • Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries / Netflix / Sydney, in the late 1920s. The glamorous miss Fisher decides to become a private detective
  • Sex education / Netflix / The son of a sexologist decides to give sex advices in his high school to impress a girl
  • The big bang theory / Amazon / Four nerds, a cute blonde girl. Everyone will have to step out of their comfort zone…
  • The unusual suspects / Netflix / A successful influencer, her maid, her neigbours improvise a bold heist as a revenge
  • Wellmania / Netflix / A 40 years old woman comes back to Australia, but must improve her health before leaving
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