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What is it about ? Liv lives the fast-paced life of a fulfilled New Yorker. She returns to Australia for a few days to celebrate her childhood friend’s 40th birthday. The reunion with his mother and brother is a little complicated, but the stay should be short. All the more so when she is told that she has just landed her dream job and must return to New York as soon as possible. But her purse is stolen, and with it her green card. That’s not a problem, until she has a meltdown at the visa office. And then the nightmare begins. She won’t be able to return home until her health indicators are back to normal, and that’s no easy task.

This crisp series is a breath of fresh air. Carried by a grumpy, but strong-willed and combative Celeste Barber, we find endearing characters grappling with the complications of adult life. It’s also a pleasure to meet up with some familiar faces, Miranda Otto (Lord of the Ring), Yael Stone (Orange is the new black). Wellmania is funny without neglecting a real reflection on health and appearance. The plot is gripping and well-paced. And the beauty of the scenery doesn’t spoil a thing!

1 season (ongoing in 2023), 8 episodes (30 mn)


  • Celeste Barber / Olivia “Liv” Healy
  • JJ Fong / Amy Kwan
  • Genevieve Mooy / Lorraine Healy*
  • Lachlan Buchanan / Gareth “Gaz” Healy
  • Remy Hii / Dalbert Tan
  • Miranda Otto / Camille Lavigne
  • Yael Stone / Philomena

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