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Morgane Alvaro is “HPI”, high intellectual potential (giftedness), with an IQ of 160. And it creates tons of problems for her. As she can help but see other intellectual weaknesses, her relationships with others are often a little strained. And since her brain is constantly racing to solve everything that’s wrong, she can’t concentrate on the practicalities of everyday life. Mother of three, she works as a cleaner for the police. She doesn’t like cops, though… But she notices some mistakes in an ongoing investigation, and reports them to the detectives. Astonished, they reluctantly agree to share some info with her. And so, a first mystery is solved. Many more will follow.

Morgane is messy, unbearable, psychedelic… But she is also brave, smart way beyond the average people of course, a loving mother, and a good person. That’s why, for all her faults, the people around her compensate for her weaknesses and help her deal with her kids and the shit she keeps piling up. Even the detective she works for, although grumpy and upset at first, will let himself be softened. She notices things no one else does, and makes connections no one else would have thought of. No murderer can escape her!

This series is so French (in a good way) ! It explodes clichés about intelligence and integrity. Morgane’s look is all but classy, her life is messy, she doesn’t like to respect rules, usually. Still, she’s far more cunning and clever than a suit-wearing executive and she can draw a line between right and wrong. The relationships between the characters exemplify the French spirit. We yell at each other (a lot), we sulk, but go figure, we always help each other out. Family, friends, life, quite simply, is sacred.

Filmed in Lille, northern France, HPI is a high-energy family series. Every murder solved reinforces the zest for life.

4 seasons (ongoing), 24 episodes (50 mn), 2021-

With Audrey Fleurot / Morgane, Mehdi Nebbou / Karadec, Marie Denarnaud / Céline, Bruno Sanches / Gilles, Bérangère McNeese / Daphné, Cédric Chevalme / Ludovic

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