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Isa, a 38-year-old lawyer, is raising her 14-year-old daughter Barbara alone. The relationship between a growing teenager and a mother who wants to stay young isn’t always easy. Sometimes adversaries, sometimes best friends, mother and daughter fight, make up, come to each other’s rescue. Love, the telephone, household chores, school marks… Everything is open to discussion, sometimes tense, sometimes tender. The only thing these two can’t do is stop loving each other.

This series is a very short program. Each episode last 5 mn, sometimes less (seasons 3 and 4). But it’s enough to make you smile, laugh, and see “la vie en rose”. All the characters are endearing. Isa, full of fantasy, is usually a “normal” mother (clean you roo, m, dinner is ready, no you cannot go out tonight…), and sometimes she is less mature than her daughter. Barbara tries to hide her lack of self-confidence, but she still inherited her mother’s strong character. Hugo, the good friend who puts up with everything, Barb’s father, neighbors, friends… They all have a touch of craziness that makes them irresistible.

The humor comes from the situations and dialogues. The daughter is constantly trying to trick and hide things from her mother, and she constantly forgets that you can’t teach a not-so-old monkey to make a face! It’s cute, it’s refreshing, and it’s bound to put you in a good mood.

4 seasons + 1 movie, 109 episodes (5 mn), 2012-2017, on Disney

With : Isabelle Desplantes / Isa, Lubna Gourion / Barbara, Romain Arnolin / Hugo, Arthur Jacquin / Gaël, Lilia Alami / Pauline

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