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Detox the cousins
Reading ? What a bizarre hobby…
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Léa and Manon, two cousins sharing a flat in Paris, just had a hell of a day. Léa has been sued by his ex for stalking him, and Manon made a fool of herself trying to become famous, just achieving a really bad buzz. Completely drunk, the cousins destroy their phones and decide to go on a one month detox cure of internet and social media. Easier said than done! Completely lost at first, feeling strangers and naked in a connected crowd, they discover real life, real relationships, and they gradually find meaning in their lives. Actually, the people around them will also be affected by this crazy decision…

Cute, smart and so funny ! Boosted by an outstanding cast, this series is excellent, an ode to life. Seriously, imagine your life without a smartphone, a computer… You have no map, no location, you need to get a watch and an old-fashioned alarm clock. Worse, you can not join anybody, nor know what your friends and family are doing. Hell ? At first yes, but after a withdrawal phase, you may see things differently, discover personality traits in your loved ones and get to know yourself. Everybody think that they are crazy to turn off their phones. Turns out, maybe everybody but them is crazy.

Mini-series, 6 episodes (30 mn), 2022

With : Tiphaine Daviot / Léa, Manon Azem / Manon, Oussama Kheddam / Gagan, Charlotte de Turckheim / Mireille, Zinedine Soualem / Philippe, Helena Noguerra / Patricia

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