Each life could become a novel. Through trials and tribulations, we forge our personalities and forge solid friendships.

I recommend

My favorites !

  • Desperate housewives / Disney / Four women, best friends, living in the same street, four lifestyles. A smart series, a milestone !
  • Doctor Harrow / Disney / A grumpy pathologist in Brisbane solves murders with non-conventional and controversial methods
  • Peaky Blinder / Netflix / Birmingham, 1920. A ruthless gypsy family takes control of all the city’s trafficking
  • Secret city / Netflix / A journalist investigating a murder in Sydney unravels a major political conspiracy

These series are also good

  • All the light we cannot see / Netflix / Saint-Malo, August 1944. A German soldier defies his orders to save a French young woman
  • Boy swallows universe / Netflix / Brisbane, in the 70’s. Two brothers struggle to build their life in a poor suburb
  • Dowton Abbey / Netflix / Great Britain, 1920. Dramas and joys in a noble family and its household. A classic (very classic)
  • House, M.D. / Netflix / A misanthropist but genius doctor is able to diagnose even the most unlikely pathologies
  • Pine Gap / Netflix / At the joint facility in Pine Gap, tensions are high between the Australian and US allies, with China playing a subtle game
  • Rome / Amazon / Two soldiers in Cesar’s elite legion, two lifes torn between family and politics
  • Sense8 / Netflix / 8 people around the world discover that they are connected and can act together.
  • Tapie / Netflix / A biopic about Bernard Tapie, French business star, a charismatic but controversial leader
  • Wanted / Netflix / Two women waiting at a bus stop witness a murder. They become suspects and run
  • Women at war / Netflix / France, 1914, on the border with Germany. Four women struggle to heal the wounded and protect their families
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