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What is it about ? Bad place, bad time… Two women witness a crime while waiting at a bus stop. Kidnapped, they manage to escape, only to find out that they are accused of the murders. These two strangers are stuck together in a stolen car, running from corrupt cops, good cops believing that they are cop killers, a real killer and a drug lord. They should stand no chance. But Lola and Chelsea have no intention of being killed. They will learn to survive, run again and again trough Australia, and in the process, put faith in one another.

Why it is a good show. Lola is a strong woman, Chelsea a fragile one. Or so it seems at the beginning. the theme of the duo with opposing personalities has been exploited many times. There’s even a vague reference to Thelma and Louise. But this characters are well written. Their past is gradually revealed, revealing their strengths and weaknesses. The journey and the stress will also reveal that they are not what they seem. But beyond the duo, with impeccable actresses, it’s the intrigue and action that make the series a good show. The first episode doesn’t give you time to breathe, the others are a little slower, but the pace of the action remains good. Embark on a journey from Sydney to the northern desert, between chase and friendship.

3 seasons, 18 episodes (45 mn), 2016-2018


  • Rebecca Gibney / Lola Buckley
  • Geraldine Hakewill / Chelsea Babbage
  • Steve Peacocke / Detective Josh Levine
  • Robyn Malcolm / Donna Walsh
  • Nicholas Bell / Ray Stanton

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