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What is this prequel about ? While the professor is still planning his not yet famous “money heist”, his brother, already known as “Berlin” [why??], plans an ambitious heist in Paris. Wonderful jewels from all around the world are about to be stored in a prestigious auction house, well protected in a guarded vault, under the care of the house’s director, François de Polignac. The jewels’ worth amount to 44 M€. Berlin recruits a brain, Damiàn, and four inexperienced apprentices-thieves, young, enthousiastics, fearless, but also careless. However, the main danger will come from Berlin himself, as a decides to fall in love with de Polignac’s wife.

Why it is only half-convincing… Let’s begin with the good parts. The four young characters and their stories are quite good : fresh, cute, full of energy and adrenaline. Would the series have revolved around them, I would probably have liked it much better. There is also a good choice of songs, French or not, and an artistic photography. Finally, the plot about the heist himself is not bad. That’s a pity it doesn’t occupy more place in the series. Romances, flash-back et secondary plots take 2/3 of each episode, at last, and that’s too much (for a series supposed to be about a heist). The heist in itself lasts maybe 20 mn in the fourth episode (on 8), and that’s it !

There are much less convincing elements… The main character is sometimes totally creepy, stalking a woman in order to seduce her, hot tempered, manipulative… Thieves are not morality heroes, I get it, but still. I was curious about Berlin’s character, and I am left with unease and disgust. Besides, there are several WTF in the plot. Let’s forget a viper getting out in the (cold) night. The heist is jeopardized because the two oldest thieves decide to have a fight -inside the vault, during the heist- about their respective romantic lives. Really, seriously ? And another “rich” thing : after having spent at least several thousands of euros in equipment (including several cars) and lodging fees, the team takes high risks because of a rented bike. Could they not buy it ? Or steal it, for the matter.

I am sure the series will get new fans less demanding than me, and that’s good thing. Maybe a second season will gets better.

1 season, ongoing, 8 episodes (45 mn), 2023- , Netflix


  • Pedro Alonso / Berlin
  • Tristan Ulloan / Damian
  • Michelle Jenner / Keila
  • Joel Sanchez / Bruce
  • Begona Vargas / Cameron
  • Julio Pena / Roi

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