I don’t know Australia. All I can describe here is what I perceived through the lens of the series, which is my point exactly.

I see Australian people as nonconformist, free in their lifestyle and their speech. Multiculturalims combined with big spaces may have produced this rooted freedom. Although British lifestyle is part of the history, they are not much for restraint or tactful silences. That gives plenty colorful characters : Miss Fisher, Harrow, Liv Healey, Fisk and her colleagues… They always seem to be casual and cool, whether this “no worries” attitude is genuine or a bit of a show-off.

Of course, the landscapes are grandiose, absolutely astonishing. The outback, the coasts, even the cities… You can see on the map below where some of the series are located.

I have only one regret : Nowhere have I found a series whose main characters are aborigines (present in Pine Gap, Deadloch). And yet there’s a breeding ground for brilliant stories. However, down to earth season 2, an american show, corrects this !

  • Boy swallows universe / Netflix / Brisbane, mid 80’s, two kids grow too soon in a poor suburb. Drug, prison, shitty life, but sometimes love and even justice.
  • Clickbait / Netflix / Nick Brewer is a good guy, living a normal life, or so it seems… Several dating profiles tell another story. Who is he ?
  • Deadloch / Amazon / In a quiet town of Tasmania, bodies of local men turns up on the shore of the lake. A serial killer there, really ?
  • Deep Water / Netflix / A crime reopens investigation into disappearances of young gay men in the 80’s
  • Dr Harrow / Disney+ / A grumpy and nonconformist pathologist puts his soul into giving victims a voice, using his own methods
  • Down to Earth (season 2) / Netflix / A wonderful documentary about climate change. Season 2 explore Australia
  • Fisk / Netflix / A shy lawyer is recruited by a very small firm specializing in estates
  • Miss Fisher / Amazon / In the 20’s, Miss Fisher becomes a daring and charming detective
  • Pine Gap / Netflix / The joint facility (USA/Australia) near Alice Spring fails to detect a missile launch in the area
  • Secret city / Netflix / A journalist investigates a murder with an impact on international relations
  • Stateless / Netflix / Arrested by mistake, a citizen discovers the camps for undocumented migrants
  • The unusual suspects / Netflix / After the theft of a luxurious necklace, a group of women join forces to find it.
  • Wanted / Netflix / Two strangers are hunted down for a crime they didn’t commit
  • Wellmania / Netflix / Liv returns to Sydney for the weekend… and has to lose weight to go back
  • Others to come… Thanks to the Facebook group ! To be added : Mystery road / Top of the lake / Wentworth
Australia map of series
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