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Gruber & Gruber from the series Fisk
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  • Kitty Flanaghan / Helen Tudor-Fisk
  • Marty Sheargold / Ray Gruber
  • Julia Zemiro / Roz Gruber
  • Aaron Chen / George

What is it about ? Gruber & Gruber is a very small lawyer practice in Melbourne, owned by two siblings, and specialized in succession cases. The brother, Ray, is grumpy and careful, while his sister Roz is strong headed and very attached to appearances. Unfortunately, she just got suspended for a small illegal thing. So, they hire Helen Tudor Fisk, who’s just divorced, moving in from Sydney, and the daughter of a famous judge, who is happily remarried with another man. Between the life at the office, and her selfish family, Fisk struggles to find her place and can only rely on the affection of her dog.

Why it’s worth a look. Targeted for an audience over 40, who understand midlife crisis, the series assumes a quirky sense of humor, rather British for an Australian show… It’s fresh, full of absurd situations. Helen, the siblings, George the receptionist, Fisk-father and his new husband Vikor, they all hide a very strong character behind the “no worries” attitude that seems to be an Australian fundamental feature. Sometimes confusing, but often charming and endearing, Fisk deserves to be known!

2 seasons, 12 episodes (25 mn), 2021- , ABC / Netflix

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