The avengers

john steed and emma peel
The avengers’ legendary opening sequence – mp4 – 182 Mo – 1mn
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  • Patrick Mcnee / John Steed
  • Honor Blackman / Cathy Gale – season 2 & 3
  • Diana Rigg / Emma Peel – season 4 & 5
  • Linda Thorson / Tara King – season 6

How to summarize such a legend ? John Steed is a British spy, at first only a partner to the hero, Dr Keel (first season). He runs then several missions, assisted by beautiful partners, maybe the first badass women in the history of series. Together, thwart diabolical plans and solve enigmas.

I have not seen the first three seasons, and only some episodes of the following ones. As far as I know, the series has evolved a lot, in tone, style, from a serious first season to a much lighter fourth season when Emma Peel arrives. The color arrived in the fifth season. John Steed himseld, the only constant, changes a lot. He soon becomes the archetypal British spy : phlegm, class and humor. A second series followed during the 70’s, called “the new avengers”.

When you look at the episodes now, of course they’ve aged, but it is still a legend. It’s a milestone which created man and woman’s duos, partnership, which let women be equally efficient spies, and which gave action on the small screen its letters of nobility.

Note : the French title “bowler hat and leather boots” (chapeau melon et bottes de cuir) works a bit better for me. But I’m French, so…

6 seasons (first series), 161 episodes (50 mn), 1961-1969, Independant TV

Cathy Gale the avengers
Emma Peel the avengers
Tara King the avengers

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